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Gymnastics Programs Ages 3 & Up Private Coaching available     Mommy & Me Classes   Ages Walking - 3 years Movement, Exploration, Education The class is 45 minutes and is loosely structured.  The children are introduced in taking turns, following directions and proper safe movements.   Music is used to create a fun atmosphere and the coach teaches with warmth, caring and positive reinforcement.  The skills taught are real gymnastics skills that will be built upon in later classes. One more scientific note, the students will benefit in three key areas: 1. PHYSICAL: Discovering wonderful ways to use the body leads to sports interests and basic locomotor skills. Students will learn muscular control, acquire good balance, agility, flexibility and acquire body awareness 2. EMOTIONAL: Replaces shyness with confidence and find social acceptance.  Overcomes fears and anxieties by building self-confidence and self-esteem 3. INTELLECTUAL: Motor skills development leads to writing and reading skills.  Developing motor skills helps overcome perceptual problems.  Releasing physical energy facilitates a relaxed well being and enhances the opportunity for mental learning     Adult Gymnastics & Fitness Classes Private Classes available    
“A Sound Mind in a Sound Body” Serving the Overall Development of Children.
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